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April 10th, 2013
In what seems to be the perfect union between fine jewelry and fabulous food, a German company has invented an edible spray paint that gives delicacies the appearance of being dipped in precious metal. Imagine serving a family feast of gilded goodies that are both decadent and delicious.


Called “Ess Lack” in German and “Food Finish” in English, the new product is safe to consume, has no taste and is simple to apply.

How about turning those blueberries into gold berries? Or that red lobster into a gilded crustacean? Or, perhaps, a salty pretzel into a sensational silver snack? It’s simple with Food Finish.


"Just spray it on whatever you wish to decorate, give it some time to dry, and there you go," said Arne Taegen of The Deli Garage, the company behind Food Finish. The product is available in four colors: gold, silver, red and blue. The gold metallic variety is the biggest seller, according to Taegen.

As with real paint, it's best to apply several thin layers for a perfect finish, according to the maker.

Taegen said the product was inspired by the centuries-old fable about the goose who laid the golden eggs.


The Deli Garage developed Food Finish with the assistance of a small German food manufacturer that provides high-quality food coloring to upmarket pastry and cake shops.

For now, Food Finish is only available in Europe. The U.S. has restrictions regarding the import of canned products that are packaged under pressure. "Our manufacturer is working on the needed documents to be able to ship it overseas,” Taegen told NPR.