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November 5th, 2013
Weighing nearly five ounces and sparkling with 260 diamonds and three black onyx stones, the Miami Heat’s 2013 championship rings are a dazzling tribute to a franchise-best 66-17 season that included a 27-game winning streak. The 2013 championship is the Heat’s second in a row and its third in the past eight seasons.


Back-to-back championship team members — including LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh — received their rings last week during an on-court ceremony just before the team’s home opener against the Chicago Bulls.


Commenting on the rings, Wade said, "I think they get better every year." The nine-time all-star guard also believes the mammoth proportions of the ring are a matter of design necessity. "It's always good to add another trophy [symbol] to the rings. For our franchise, this is our third one, so to add another trophy onto those rings they had to be a little bigger."


The 2013 ring, which was created by Jostens, weighs a total of 135 grams and includes 242 round-cut diamonds, 16 custom baguette-cut diamonds and three black onyx stones. The total weight of the gems is 10.3 carats.

The face of the ring features two 14-karat gold Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophies set atop a brilliant black onyx stone and surrounded by 187 sparkling round diamonds. The two basketballs in the trophies are actually round diamonds. Sixteen custom-cut baguette diamonds are used to spell out the team’s name across the center of the ring’s face. Framing the top and bottom of the symbols are the words "WORLD" and "CHAMPIONS."


The left side of the ring features the recipient’s last name in raised white gold against a black background, the year 2013 and the team’s internal symbol — a black trophy. Encircling the trophy are the words "BACK TO BACK" to recognize the team’s second straight NBA title. A faceted black onyx represents the ball above the trophy. Etched on the base of the black trophy is the team’s motto, "sacrifice," written in Chinese — a tribute to where the journey to the 2013 title began. The team had played its first two exhibition games of the 2012-2013 season in Shanghai.

The right side of the ring features three NBA championship trophies set with 53 round diamonds, representing the franchise’s 2006, 2012 and 2013 championships. The word "FAMILY" is inscribed below the trophies and embodies the belief that all ring recipients are part of the Miami Heat family. To the right of the trophies are the Miami Heat’s flaming basketball logo and the NBA logo.

Engraved inside of each player’s ring are the phrases "Franchise Best 66-17 Record" and "27 Game Winning Streak." These phrases memorialize the team’s 2013 season record and historic 27-game winning streak, the second longest in NBA history.